A la carte Lunch


Lunch noon – 4 p.m. (From Monday till Saturday)

*Sundays and holidays are closed


Open sandwiches

Herring plate

With marinated herring, fried herring & curry herring

Served with homemade pickled onions, apples & leek, deep fried capers,

eggs, mustard mayonnaise, homemade paleo bread, butter & lardDKK 105.00

Breaded pan-fried plaice filet 

Served with homemade remoulade & lemon DKK 115,00


Whisky glazed ham

Served with caramelized onions & a fried egg. DKK 95,00


Fall mushrooms pot in white sauce
With pickled cranberries & potato chips

Served with butter roasted sour dough bread DDK 105,00


Corned brisket of beef

Served with horseradish custard & potato chips DDK 95,00




Late summer salad with tiger prawns

Served with salad, avocado, red onions, semidried tomatoes & sesame dressing DDK 115,00



Warm courses

Shooting star

Pan-Fried & white wine steamed plaice filet

Served with chili shrimps, smoked salmon, shellfish dressing & lemon.

Served on butter toasted sourdough bread DKK 145.00

Fried beef tartare (aprrox. 250g.)

Served with beetroot, chopped red onions, capers,

horseradish, pickles & egg yolkDKK 145.00

Hash (Danish dish with potato & meat)

Served with fried egg, pickled beetroots & ryebread. DKK 120,00


Hotel Kirstine’s sandwich

With fried forerib

Served with homemade mustard mayonnaise, salad, pickled red onions,

semi-dried tomatoes, herbs from our garden & french friesDKK 145.00

Stirred Tartar

With olive oil, mustard & red onions.

Served with salt-baked egg yolks, pickles, french fries & truffle-mayonnaise DDK 145,00




Cheese & Sweets


Aged cheese with jelly, onions & dark rum.

Served on sourdough bread with lard.DKK 105.00

Cheese sandwich

Served on sourdough bread with bellpeppersDKK 85.00

Hotel Kirstine's strawberry tartDKK 55.00

2 pieces of filled chocolateDKK 35.00



At Hotel Kirstine we prepare all our food from scratch, which is why sometimes you might have to wait.